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Home Tour - Play Room

(aka our previous dining room)

Of course I would rather have had an awesome chandelier rather than a ceiling fan but I lost that battle with my husband.  Whats with boys and their ceiling fans?  Nonetheless, the kids love it so I'm happy.  Eventually when the kids are older we'll turn it back into a dining room.  And just so you don't think I'm one of those moms who only allows "pretty" toys in their house, here is what didn't make the shot including the Thomas balloon that won't die (going on 9 weeks now)...

and we're back.

And so you can see how it's changed, here is a picture of the room when we bought the house...

  1. Poufs from BranchandBirdie
  2. Toy storage from Land of Nod
  3. Rug from Jill Rosenwald
  4. Clock from CB2 (I painted the pendulum white)
  5. Vintage blocks from Magpie Lovely
  6. Fabric letters from anthropologie
  7. All wall art I design, printed and framed
  8. Pillows I made from spoonflower fabric I designed
  9. Kids table was an amazing hand me down
  10. Toy box from Target
June 08, 2011 by 22313288
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Tacy said:

Super cute, Stacey! The blocks are made by a girl I went to high school with through Etsy! I just designed a new block theme for her and can’t wait to see them when she reopens her store this fall. Sorry to miss you in Chi! Sounds like you guys are going on an amazing trip!


amy said:

What a beautiful room, Stacey! Thanks so much for including my simply vintage blocks here. :)
-amy @ tiny giraffe


Stacey said:

Hi Tacy! That is so crazy that you went to High School with her! I just love the blocks and can’t wait to see what new designs you came up with! They are sure to be adorable! :) So sad to miss you guys in Chicago but will definitely have to plan another trip soon!


Stacey said:

Hi Amy! I LOVE the blocks and have to tell you that my 2 year old does as well! I’ll be sure to check back for some more goodies when you re-open in August! Thanks for the perfect toy room accent!

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