A B O U T   R S V P   P A P E R   C O .

RSVP Paper Co. is a letterpress paper studio that specializes in social greeting cards. Using 100% premium cotton paper and classic printing teqniques, our cards are sure to make a lasting impression (pun). Originally founded in 2009 as PoochiePrints, RSVP Paper Co. has evolved into a premier supplier of stationery. Don't let our small studio fool you. You know what they (I) say, the smaller the studio...

 A B O U T   S V 

Stacey Vaughan (SV) is many things. She is a mother to 3, a sister to 2, a wife to 1 and an avid TV watcher (the good, the bad and the ugly). With a background in Interior Architecture and fine arts, SV found her true passion in graphic design. Shit got real when she took her first letterpress course in 2015 and is now in a committed relationship with Heisenberg (see below). Being able to take things from the computer to the press is what dreams are made of...well at least hers.

 A B O U T   H E I S E N B E R G

In 2017, Stacey became a proud owner of a Heidelberg Windmill press named Heisenberg. Her adopted print family, Madison Press of Lakewood, tought Stacey all she had to know to domesticate this beautiful beast. Weighing a mere 2,400 lbs, Heisenberg is fluent in German and a constant overacheiver (when she feels like it). 


Photos by Lauren Wood Photography