Pixel Painting

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I was loving the idea of pixel paintings and decided to take a stab at it.  Honestly the hardest part was figuring out what image to do.  We ended on a lotus flower...calming, pretty and would add some color.  I found an image and pixelated it in photoshop.  Then I printed it full scale (30" x 40") which helped not only verify the size for the space but was super helpful when painting.  If your going to make one of these, I would definitely suggest buying one of these for the paint, especially if you are going to start and stop a bunch like I did.  It's amazing, the paint stays wet for days.

Definitely helps add some color into our gray family room.  I must say I love how it turned out!  Now I get to add some pops of  coral to the rest of the room...fun!


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  • You are amazing! Where do you even come up with this idea? Did you paint in the middle of your living room? I’d have to re-stain my hardwood floors if i ever tried such a thing.

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