DIY Custom Doors

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We purchased these bookcases for our playroom from Land of Nod and they have been wonderful!  The only thing that drove me crazy about them was that it looked so completely messy with all the boys crap.  Solution...slap some wood doors on them and make it all go away...or most of it at least! This project was way easier than expected.  I measured  then purchased custom doors (don't be scared by the word, they were surprisngly not expensive for the large size) from Lake Side Moulding for $34.90 a piece.  They came white already but it wasn't quite the right shade so I re-painted them.  I ordered some hinges that would allow us to have a full overlay  from Cabinets Anything, and also ordered pulls from My Knobs.  Done and done!  Still wish I could hide all the toys in the bins but still a pretty big improvement!
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