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Friday Freebie - Watercolor Donut Pattern

A little Friday freebie to start the weekend off right! Download our seamless donut image here and be sure to have a sweet weekend!


July 24, 2015 by Stacey Vaughan

Cool Coloring Pages


Long road trips call for awesome music, and color pages. Even if we are doing everything else wrong, at least the kids will have great music taste.

If you find yourself in the car over this holiday weekend, download the coloring pages here!



July 01, 2015 by Stacey Vaughan

Zebra Obsession

I am in love with the new Zebra canvas in the family room.  I think it adds some fun to the room and was super easy to do.  I purchased an image, edited out the background in Photoshop and had it printed on a large canvas.  Done and done!





September 04, 2013 by 22313288
Tags: Misc.

$1 Books

I love Target.  I love Target even more when I find these in the $1 bin.  I mean how awesome are these?

RSVP Paper Co. | Target Classics Books $1



RSVP Paper Co. | Target Classics Books $1





July 19, 2013 by 22313288

This changed my life

A bit dramatic but totally true.  I bought this little guy from Photojojo (love this company BTW) and am in OBSESSED.


I kid you not, this thing is amazing.  Our house is super shady making it nearly impossible to get good photos inside without the flash.  Can you believe this photo was taken with a flash and has no photoshop editing (the long string of drool proves that).


I did some before and after shots using the gadget just in case you don't believe me...


flash3 one now.  They are $37.00.

(a special thanks to my test model Lucy)

July 12, 2013 by 22313288
Tags: Misc.

So I made a table

Kind of.  I replaced the top of our glass patio table with a new wood plank one.  It wouldn't be that difficult if you had the right tools (which I certainly do not).  But I made it work.  I'm not posting this as a tutorial since I would suggest no one do it the way I did.  I am, however, posting a few progress pics in case you are interested.   Overall it took me 2 days, 4 trips to the hardware store and numerous texts to my sister who suggested I hot glue it together.  Since I used our existing metal base I decided to paint that gold (of course).  I would love to get new chairs but since these ones work we will stick with them for a bit longer.

RSVP Paper Co. | Wood Table Top

RSVP Paper Co. | Wood Table Top

RSVP Paper Co. | Wood Table Top

RSVP Paper Co. | Wood Table Top






I made it slightly bigger than our old table and it's crazy heavy making it super sturdy...


June 25, 2013 by 22313288


A project 17 years in the making.  I started this dollhouse with my dad for an apprentice project in grade school.  We got about 80% of the way through and apparently ran out of time and never finished it...until now!  While a week overdue with Lucy, I decided to pass some time and finish it for her nursery.  I printed most the wallpaper and found a couple of cool furniture pieces from eBay.  It still needs a ton of furnishings but I figure I'll just slowly gather them.






Saved the best for last.  Not sure if I was more embarrassed about my dad taking a picture or my eyebrows.  Probably both. dollhouse

June 12, 2013 by 22313288

Teacher Gifts

The end of the school year is near and it's time to show those teachers just how much you appreciate them!

RSVP Paper Co. | Teacher Gift Set

RSVP Paper Co. | Teacher Gift Set

RSVP Paper Co. | Teacher Gift Set

Contact us if interested in purchasing a set.  Express shipping available if you are in a pinch!

May 20, 2013 by 22313288


I love Instagram.  It is such an amazing way to keep family and friends involved in your world.   I love taking pictures with my Digital SLR but as far as capturing the small moments throughout the day, my phone is everything.  I am so happy I stumbled upon Origrami.  It is an Australian based company (don't worry, they offer free worldwide shipping) that syncs up with your instagram so you can print all your photos.  Check out the amazing packaging and retro polaroid prints which are great for writing captions.  I loaded mine into Kolo albums and I must say they are my most prized possession...other than my actual family of couse.





May 16, 2013 by Stacey Vaughan
Tags: Misc.



Are you Hukking it?? If not, you should be.  It's amazing.  Go to, download the "hukk it" button for your toolbar and start tracking things you want to buy.  When they go on sale you will get an e-mail from Hukkster.  Pretty genius right?  It's much better than adding things to your cart and never buying them...which I am notorious for doing.


April 26, 2013 by Stacey Vaughan
Tags: Misc.